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Money the biggest turn-off for relationships

Relationships can fail for a huge number of reasons, anything from “we’ve grown apart” to horrific reports of spousal abuse. However, we do see some recurring themes on specific issues.

Woolley & Co did its own survey a couple of years ago and found that sex was cited in nearly half (43%) of all divorces as a contributing factor. This week, a new poll suggested finance was the issue that was the biggest problem. It suggested Brits were twice as likely to end a relationship because of disagreements over money than any other reason, with around 58% listing this as a major factor in their last break-up, according to discount website MyVoucherCodes. In comparison, infidelity played a part in 21% of break-ups and 15% said work was a major contributor.

Among those who said money had been a key factor contributing to the end of their relationship, 32% said they and their partner disagreed about how to spend money, while 28% blamed the break down on overspending by one person. Other reasons included gambling, the fact that their partner did not have enough money and people not liking it if their other half earned more than they did.

It seems to be a week for surveys because another one with similar conclusions but coming from the opposite angle suggested questioning a new partner about the state of their finances was key to enjoying a long-lasting relationship. The message was that openness and honesty on ALL issues creates a good base on which a relationship can blossom.

What this collection of data yells to me is that finances are an issue for the majority of couples in one way or another and that being honest with your partner from the start is a solid foundation for a future together. While we may simply need to employ common sense to reach this conclusion rather than necessarily need surveys to spell it out, the sentiment is a good one for all of us. Finances are important, before during and after a relationship!

If people are honest from the start, some of the problems during a relationship could be avoided. And if they look at setting out how assets would be split in the case of any split, it makes the post relationship bit that much easier as well.

Andrew Woolley
Divorce Solicitor


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