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Olympic flame relay tracks family law offices

The country is under starters orders for the Olympics. Streets in London that haven’t seen a broom for years are being swept, scraped and polished. Transport plans are being finalised. Half the adverts on TV now seem to reference the games – or at least “sport” more loosely as the policing of people inadvertently mentioning Olympics in their promotional work when they aren’t an official sponsor does appear to be particularly officious.

The official opening ceremony may not be until July 27, but the torch arrived on British soil on May 18, with David Beckham the focus of attention when he stepped off the plane, rather than the Royals he accompanied and to whom he was supposed to be footman. Since then, it has been zig-zagging its way across the country at a speed which is not going to win any gold medals but which takes in most regions of this great land country to a greater or lesser degree. Carried aloft by an army of local heroes, accompanied by more well-known joggers, some seemingly chosen at random (Didier Drogba through Swindon?), keeping up with its passage has become a daily obsession. Personally, I am all geared up for when it comes to Stratford on Sunday (July 1).

Following the route though, it did occur to me that the torch, at some point, will pass within a mile or so of almost all of our offices. Now, you might expect this if the firm was Boots or if we only had two offices, but neither is the case. The fact is that Woolley & Co has spread steadily since 1996 (also an Olympic year. Anyone remember the city? Answer below…). We now have 19 partner level solicitors working across England and Wales (and looking for three more if you are interested?). You can see where we are here. Didn’t quite get as far as transposing this map onto the Olympic torch map, but you get my gist!

The firm continues to employ a model which harnesses digital technology and sees lawyers fitting their schedule around the needs of the clients, something which was new in 1996 but has been emulated by a clutch of other firms now. We also aim for transparent pricing and a website that offers useful information and articles to those looking for advice on their situation.

The coverage of the country that we now have means a Woolley & Co lawyer is unlikely to be far away from most people. So while many things have changed since Atlanta (there’s your answer!) in 1996, not just in the legal sector but business in general (remember life before routine access to the internet?) we can still offer top quality legal advice in a timely fashion to those who need it.

Andrew Woolley
Family solicitor


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