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Secret family law


The media often campaigned in the past for the family and divorce Courts to be open to reporting.  In the past they were totally closed.

Of course, nobody would want to see children identified, it is often said. How true could that be if they are the children of celebrities who seem to divorce very regularly and often much more spectacularly than the majority?

The last government "opened up the Courts" and allowed media access with safeguards. But there were problems from the start as the new law clashed with privacy laws and cases.

My concern has always been that the media, understandably, would report on celebrity divorce.  All very "interesting" no doubt if you like that sort of thing but of no use whatsoever to a more general understanding of divorce law for ordinary people.  Now that would be a good reason to open up the Courts.

Should the Courts, especially divorce Courts, be open and reported upon?

Andrew Woolley
Divorce solicitor

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