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The 10 minute marriage

Having been a divorce lawyer for well over 20 years, I have heard of some very short marriages. For example, not lasting out the honeymoon. But I read of a marriage in France (and I stress a completely genuine marriage) which lasted up to the 10 minute mark! There is, I suppose, an amusing aspect to this but isn't it a depressing comment on the way society behaves?

The Mail reported that the "happy" couple argued on the steps of the Town Hall and that was that. Apparently the mothers in law then started fighting, punching and scratching each other. Not a good start.

What would the legal implications be, if this took place in England?

They could not start a divorce until after they had been married for at least 1 year.

This exceptionally short marriage would be relevant in any financial proceedings, indeed there may be no financial settlement at all....but imagine the arguments that might take place if one had owned a house before marriage and put it into joint names. Mothers in law would no doubt be heavily involved; indeed they can often be a major cause of divorce delay and significantly increased legal costs!

Andrew Woolley
Divorce solicitor


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