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Wash up to avoid divorce


When you attend a wedding, can you help yourself from wondering if this couple will make it? Maybe it is my sad legacy from being a divorce solicitor for over 25 years! But do you, too, smile when all the time you are thinking "No chance with her / him". Well I will try to redress the balance with what follows.

There are, Time Magazine reports, various things that can improve your chances. A snapshot:

Age  No real surprise but over 25 is best. Note no difference really between 25 and 35 so being young is a problem.

Housework. Does he help with the housework? If he does he'll probably help with any children and that is a significant chances improver. MEN: read here if nowhere else!

Parents divorcing? Stop them. If they divorce then this worsens your chances of ending up being divorced by 14%

What do you think helps save a marriage?

Andrew Woolley
Divorce Solicitor


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Not sure those factors have anything to do with divorce if your husband has a mid-life crisis and decides he just ‘needs a change’!...

By Anonymous on Wednesday July 8, 2009

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