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Women divorce solicitors not as good as men


It is a long held view, certainly by men in general I think, that women are not as good as men at business and therefore at law.

Why? I have no idea. Maybe obviously I wouldn't know as most of our lawyers are women. This is a list of our divorce lawyers at present and you will see what I mean. (I have to say that one more male divorce lawyer is joining us very soon, but then so is one more female divorce lawyer!)

Many firms of solicitors employ a lot of female divorce solicitors but very many law firms only have partnership boards of men. Interesting as when women represent 30% of the board of directors the profitability increases threefold (women executives in the UK, Gavurin Intelligence, Feb 2008).

It is way past the time to select on merit and not gender. If the reality of life is still, perhaps sadly, that women are still expected to take responsibility for childcare then any right thinking firm of solicitors (and some would say UK Governments) when offering law jobs should arrange to offer flexible working, flexi-hours and flexi-holidays.

Harriet Harman would agree I'm sure.

Do you?


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Divorce can be difficult for both parties involved. has helped a few friends of mine deal with their divorces. It provides great tips, articles and divorce advice for men. It’s worth being prepared in court to check this site out…

By Sandy Swiss on Friday June 25, 2010

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