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Women more likely to be arrested for domestic violence

A new study just out shows that women are about 3 times more likely than men to be arrested for domestic violence. See this in the context that men are much more likely to be physically abusive, although women are more likely to use a weapon.

Perhaps of more concern is that children were present in 55% of cases involving some form of violence or similar abuse. The effect upon them probably cannot be measured and issues of child contact and  residence loom large.

Our divorce lawyers are often asked about domestic violence injunctions and increasingly asked for protection by men (or other women in a civil partnership) which used to be unheard of. I do wonder if the violence is increasing or just the ability of men to ask for help is getting better.

It seems that women who are violent are often suggested by the Police to be "alcoholic" or "mentally ill" and maybe that thought is behind the increased arrest rate? Do we find violence from women somehow more frightening to deal with?

Andrew Woolley
Divorce solicitor


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