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Information and advice on divorce & family law 

Collaborative family law

Collaborative law is a method by which we can help our clients resolve their disputes with their former partner by way of four way meetings. So, instead of resolving the dispute as you may do traditionally before the Judge in Court we are committed to resolving the dispute around the table. We will meet face to face, we will be with our client, the opponent will be with their solicitor and we will be committed to resolving the issue by way of meaningful negotiation.

A good example of where collaborative law may benefit a party is where they may have heavy work or financial commitments, entering into the collaborative process actually puts the clients in charge of that process so they can dictate how quickly the process goes, when the meetings can be arranged and it can be quite empowering for the family as a whole to reach a conclusion by working together as opposed to going before the Judge and having an order imposed on you.


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