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Triathlete Sue faces new challenge with expanding family law firm

Monday September 22, 2008 at 11:45 am

Growing family law specialist Woolley & Co is off to a flying start in Cornwall thanks to new recruit Sue Harwood.

Sue, who has been practising law in the region for six years, is a keen triathlete and water polo player, along with Royal Navy officer husband Carl.

Now she has joined Woolley & Co – a pioneering nationwide firm which utilises high-level family law experts working from a network of home offices – to lead the firm's expansion in the south west.

And Sue, based in Helston, is hoping that her skills as a collaborative lawyer will put the firm at the head of the field for providing a quality, cost effective service for clients in the region.

“Family law interests me because you are dealing with the nitty-gritty of life,” said Sue.

“I get a great deal of satisfaction in helping people resolve their problems when they often can't see a way out themselves.

“Collaborative law is a relatively new form of alternative dispute resolution for divorcing couples who would like to avoid going to court. It brings both parties and their solicitors together into the same room to talk things out and it puts clients in control of what is happening. I believe its success is down to the fact that people are more likely to adhere to resolutions they have reached themselves rather than those imposed on them by the court.”

“Woolley & Co's modern approach to practice really appealed to me and I believe allows me to offer the best, most flexible service for customers.”

The flexible working will also ensure Sue, who has two teenage daughters, can keep up with her triathlon training as well as with her work organising water polo events, which she has been involved in for quite a few years.

“I was attracted to the idea of being more in control of what I was doing, and that is something that Woolley & Co offers. I am very excited about the challenges ahead,” added Sue, who studied at the University Centre at Cornwall College.

Andrew Woolley, managing partner, who founded Woolley & Co family law specialist in Warwickshire in 1996, said: “Sue is a fantastic addition to the team. Her joining us now means we have lawyers serving the whole of the south and the Midlands – and we are still growing.”

Award-winning Woolley & Co, which recently published the second edition of its popular handbook A Guide To Surviving Family Conflict and Divorce, has won praise for its transparent pricing and fixed fee services which can be bought directly from the website

It has 12 lawyers across Warwickshire, Northamptonshire, Derbyshire, Wiltshire, Staffordshire, Dorset, Bedfordshire, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Norfolk, Hertfordshire, Cornwall and the West Midlands.

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