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Wife left in financial ruin!

Thursday June 24, 2010 at 12:30 pm

A Stourbridge man who turned to crime to pay his bills has left his wife facing a financial crisis, according to local press reports.

Alan Peck, aged 52, walked out of the home he shared with childhood sweetheart having forged her signature on a mortgage to pay off his spiralling debts.

At Wolverhampton Crown Court on Friday May 28, Peck, aged 52, was sentenced to a 14 week jail term suspended for two years for making a false representation to obtain a mortgage for £48,000 on the home he shared with Belinda in Clent Road, Amblecote.

The couple married in July 2005 but Peck announced he was leaving suddenly in November 2009. He is now petitioning Belinda, his third wife, for divorce and insisting she either buys him out of the mortgage or sells their home.

“Whilst this case is a criminal one relating to a forged signature, is does highlight a situation that many divorcing coupes can find themselves in,” said Andrew Woolley, managing partner of Woolley & Co.

“Being married to someone has certain legal implications, like a share of assets and, as in this case, debts. Many people are not aware of this.

“Also, when a relationship goes wrong, one party may pressure the other to sell a property to cash in on the perceived equity there – or at least to cut outgoings. If there are no children involved, it is possible a court could force this action.

“It is essential that anyone unsure of their position gets expert legal advice from an experienced family law specialist as soon as possible.”

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