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Can I move abroad with my child?

If you want to move abroad and take your children away the law is very clear on that point. Unless both parents agree then an order from the Court giving permission to do so is needed. 

If you’re asking the Court for that permission the Court would want to see that you have thought this through properly. Ultimately it is the best interests of the child that needs to be at the forefront. It needs to be a decision that has been made having regard to a variety of factors some for example where is the child going to live, how are you going to provide for them, what school are they going to go to and how are they going to adapt to the local culture. Are there going to be any language barriers? These are just some of the factors that need to be properly thought through before you would ask the Court to consider your application. And of course, lastly but not least what you really need to have thought about is how is the relationship between the child and the parent that’s going to be left behind is maintained, how is that going to be promoted and supported? The Court will need to see that you are prepared to put in place some proper arrangements before they would really consider your application.

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