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Information and advice on divorce & family law

Do I need a specialist family lawyer?

Do I need a specialist family lawyer?

In this video Dave Harries from Communicate TV ask members of the Woolley & Co team whether it’s necessary to use a specialist lawyer for divorce.

Dave: While we are talking about divorce, should we be talking about specialist family solicitors or can you just go to your friendly High Street lawyer?

Kate Butler: Family law is very different to a lot of other aspects of law, Civil Law or Commercial Law and unless you know the rules, and there is so much discretion in how Judges will deal with particular aspects, you need to have experience to know what is going to be relevant in any given case so you need a specialist family lawyer.

Judith Buckland: I think Lawyers also need, specialist family lawyers, will keep up to date with what the law is which is ever changing and that is something which is very difficult to keep a handle on if you don’t practice in that area of law.

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