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Do solicitors tailor their advice to men and women?

Do solicitors tailor their advice to men and women?

I think inevitably you have to tailor your advice to male and female clients because there can be very different circumstances so although it is a bit of sweeping generalisation children are very often primarily with mother and you have to take that into consideration with the advice you are giving. So for example if there is a dispute about who should stay in a house, keep the house, it’s likely to be and I put it no higher than that, but it is likely to be the woman if she is looking after the children because her need is greater. And I suppose the flip side is that if the man is earning more than the woman, which again is stereotyping but is often the case, then his need is probably going to be somewhat less than his wife’s because he has got a greater income and therefore he can meet his own expenses, he has got a greater capability, he has got a better ability to build up his pension and those facts themselves are relevant when asking a Court to consider how to reapportion the finances between parties.  

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