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Woolley & Co family law solicitors practice manager Michelle explains the purpose of our confidential initial legal chat.

We offer everyone a free telephone chat with one of our lawyers. It will basically give you a chance to explain about your situation and what you need help with. We can explain where you stand legally, how we might be able to help you and also we will discuss with you the costs involved if you were to ask us to work for you. We will also give you an idea of timescales and basically what will happen next. We won’t give you specific advice on the call but you will be speaking to an experienced family lawyer who will give you lots of information. Hopefully after the call you will have a much better idea of what your options are and how you might be able to move forward.

To book an appointment with one of our lawyers, you can fill in the form on this page or alternatively give us a call and we will try and get you through to one of our lawyers straight away.

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