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Reasons to divorce in England if you live abroad

Reasons to divorce in England if you live abroad

Solicitor Judith Buckland runs through some of the reasons why you might choose to divorce in England even if you live outside the country.

There are several advantages to divorcing in England, not least I suppose because of the language and so that you have got your proceedings in your own language, but there are other reasons including cost and also speed.

It is often cheaper divorcing in England than in other countries, that is a bit of a generalisation but it often is and it is very frequently quicker. There is no period of separation required before you can divorce – this is often the case in other jurisdictions.

I think probably one of the most important reasons for considering whether or not you want to bring divorce proceedings in England is it can lead to radically different financial settlements. Different countries have a very different way of looking at or approaching the problem of finances and England is known for being a very fair jurisdiction, one which looks very much at the parties’ needs rather than being very prescriptive about how to apportion up financial assets, pensions and all the other financial difficulties that come with divorce.

One final point to bear in mind is that you may not be eligible to bring divorce proceedings in the country in which you are living and therefore England may well be your only option and that is something that you would need to take advice about both from English lawyers and from lawyers in the country in which you are living.

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