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20 Family Mediators Share Their Top Tips for a Successful Mediation

mediation tiles

Mediation. It is something many people still know little about in the context of divorce. However, if it is approached in the right way, it can be a massive help for families in crisis. The bottom line is that a mediator can help a couple reach agreement on key issues…


Technological change long overdue in family law cases

pile of court bundles for the article technological change long overdue in family law cases

As a family law solicitor, it never ceases to amaze me how wasteful the court system is, in more ways than one. Anyone who has attended a hearing at court as part of their family proceedings, will have an idea of just how much paper is generated for those few…


What makes a good marriage?

Divorce lawyers say what makes a good marriage

After the dismal marking of Divorce Week last month, it is wonderful to be celebrating commitment with Marriage Week in February. Fittingly finishing its seven-day run on Valentine’s Day, it is a chance for every happy couple to shout about how great it is being married – and maybe for…


Social media advice for separated couples

Social media and divorce

Social media is an established part of our world now and with live tweeting from Courts, the possibility of service of legal documents via Facebook message and pages and pages of screenshots being submitted in evidence, it is having a profound influence on family law legal proceedings. As a family…


Change of name on divorce

Marriage, civil partnerships or divorce could result in a change of name for one or in some cases both parties. This page provides a useful checklist of who to contact.After changing your name you will need to tell everyone who needs to contact you, provides services to you, or has…


Honesty is the best policy in divorce

Divorce finances honesty best

The recent case of Joy v Joy – Morancho and others reminds us once again that a full, frank and honest disclosure of your financial circumstances must be provided to one another and to the court before financial claims can be either negotiated upon or decided by the court. In…


Can Radio 4’s The Archers help more people spot the signs of domestic abuse?

BBC Archers storyline - Domestic Abuse and Coercive Control

For the regular readers of our blog, you may recall I questioned in January (Family relationships in The Archers) whether the relationship between Rob and Helen in Radio 4’s The Archers was showing the hallmarks of domestic abuse, and specifically, of coercive control. The alarm bells in my head were,…


Are celebrities ‘better’ at separation and divorce than the ‘average’ couple?

Celebrity divorce

Divorce and separation amongst the rich and famous is always in the news. We all remember the ‘conscious uncoupling’ of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin. Not to mention the love, admiration and respect Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith still had for each other after they parted company. But are celebrity…


Family law solicitor charging rates and fixed prices

Fixed prices for divorce

The cost of divorce is often in the news, with scare stories of divorce costing tens of thousands of pounds and having a knock on effect on personal finances many years into the future. So it’s understandable that if you talk to a family law solicitor you want to understand…


Top tips for keeping divorce costs down

Controlling divorce costs

Divorce costs often hit the headlines when we learn that multi-millionaires have spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on their divorce. The media regularly make claims about the average divorce cost – including a piece in The Telegraph claiming the average divorcing couple spend £44,000 on their separation. The reality…


Vince v Wyatt case shows consent orders are essential

vince v wyatt - importance of consent orders

Divorce does not bring an end to any financial claims between a married couple – as has been amply demonstrated in the recently reported case of Vince v Wyatt. As family lawyers we speak almost daily to clients who believe that “divorce proceedings” means bringing an end to a marriage,…


Facebook comes to the fore in UK divorce proceedings

Facebook and divorce

Divorce disputes where Facebook posts form part of the evidence seem to be on the rise. Yet more reason to be very careful about what you post on social media, and when. Facebook lesson for divorce judge I was once involved in  a family law hearing where a very senior…


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