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University fees – the obligations of a parent

Parents, university fees and child maintenance

As new terms started recently many students will have thought long and hard about the likely costs of going to university.  In a BBC article a few months ago the average student debt was calculated to be an eye watering £57,000.  Having had a full grant and a job in…


News from Alaska highlights treatment of pets in divorce

Pets are treated as property in English divorce Courts

Some years ago, I was told about a case another family solicitor had been involved with. After lengthy court proceedings regarding a divorcing couple’s financial matters the parties had finally been able to resolve their differences and a consent order had been agreed at court. Thinking everything was resolved she…


How not to represent yourself in a divorce case

Litigants in person in divorce

Whilst it’s not surprising that emotions can run high in divorce proceedings (we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t get upset about the breakdown of our marriage) there is a limit to what behaviour is acceptable. A recent case in the High Court (Veluppillai v Veluppillai) has highlighted the best…


Family law solicitor says it’s good to be bad

Firm negotiation in divorce

Gordon Gecko said in the film Wall Street “The point is, ladies and gentleman, that greed – for lack of a better word – is good.” I’m not sure I agree wholeheartedly with that sentiment but it does make me think about my role as a family law solicitor and…


Children’s holiday arrangements after divorce

Making arrangements to take your children on holiday after a divorce is not always plain sailing, but there are some simple rules to follow to make things easier. School’s out for the summer. If not booked already, then a holiday, either close to home or on a foreign shore, is…


What questions do divorce solicitors get asked?

The range of questions I get asked as a family solicitor is quite mind-boggling – and they are not always related to the legal profession. However, there is a small band of them that come round time and time again. So I thought it might be useful to try and…


Resolving divorce the amicable way

Resolution. The clue is in the name. This organisation for family lawyers sees members follow a Code of Practice that promotes a non-confrontational approach to resolving family problems – notably divorce. Aggressive and combative negotiations between estranged couples are not constructive for anyone, particularly if children are concerned. They mean…


Happy marriages good news for children

A story about the high number of happy marriages caught my eye last week. A survey of more than 2,000 married couples found 91 per cent are happy with their relationship – with 17 per cent describing it as perfect! This is a long way from the picture of broken…


New partners can help better relations

I was drawn to an article (Why I’ll never let my ex’s new girlfriend meet my son) a few weeks ago. I have since tried to get it out of my head but it just won’t go away so I felt compelled to share my thoughts on it. To summarise,…


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