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Don’t groan in Court or wear a bright tie


I’ve been in trouble in Court for having a tie of a colour the Judge did not approve.

I’ve also been in trouble for telling Judges they are wrong and for refusing to stop arguing my client’s case.

I’ve expected to be in very big trouble for telling a Judge he’d learn from living in the real world but he ended up being impressed and referred to me as “brave man”!

I read in The Times that a judge in a criminal trial in London, during defence counsel’s final address to the jury, sighed in despair and loudly exclaimed, “Oh God”. Finally, he laid his head across his arms and made groaning noises.

In divorce cases most divorce solicitors have found it hard, sometimes, to avoid letting their views show but how I’d love to be able to groan loudly in Court and not end up in the cells!

How do you deal with the sort of situation where a very loud groan is the least you want to do but can't?

Andrew Woolley
Divorce Solicitor


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Take responsibility for what I can do - and do it; help other people (if they want it) to see what they can do and can’t do - and avoid courts, where the divorce process is enough to make everyone scream, let alone sigh….

By Kirsten Gronning on Sunday June 28, 2009

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