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Don’t you just hate single parents?


Single parents! Slovenly, all on benefit, all fat and lazy and their kids are all badly brought up and likely to be poorly educated drug taking criminals.

That is, if you believe the papers especially those on a Sunday. It seems never a week goes by without some "single parent bashing". Even at worst, surely the papers understand that for 50% of single parents it wasn't their fault that they are single!

It is time to stop. Single parents have to deal with access problems (now called contact), residence, parental responsiblity issues, child support and maintenance let alone all the day to day things which are needed in all families. They may be recovering from getting a divorce. From what I've seen of single parents in my 25 years as a divorce lawyer, they do a damned good job and deserve our support and respect not constant bashing. It has an effect, you know.

Oh and editors----there are men who are single parents too.

Andrew Woolley
Divorce solicitor


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It’s a great point to raise Andrew, my only concern in the post is where you mention for 50% it wasn’t their fault.  Whose fault was it?...

By Jackie Walker on Wednesday August 4, 2010

Andrew, the single parents everyone hates are not the types who get married in the first place. It is those who go around having sex with people they know would not be a suitable father for their child so they don’t have to work. The girl may be young, but they are old enough to know what happens when they have sex without a condom.

The benefits they get are ridiculous- rent is paid for, bills are subsidised, they get tax credits, child benefits and unemployment benefits, they don’t pay tax and their national insurance is paid for them- while those on minimum wage and working anti-social hours have no money left whatsoever after all outgoings. It takes the piss.

They CHOSE to have a child, a child they have selfishly bought into the world without a father and a crap joke of a mother who spends their entire days on facebook. (this does NOT apply to single parents who work, are in education or intend to do any of the two).


By Samuel on Sunday June 10, 2012

I’m sure many of us who work and pay tax will have at least some sympathy with Samuel!

But I am concerned that as a society we are deciding who is “good” and who is “bad”. Do we have the right to do that?

I do wonder if we could instead put our energies into educating and helping those young women—and the men who use no protection. Let’s not forget men’s responsibilities….

By Andrew Woolley on Monday June 11, 2012

I think we should be more strict, we have encouraged this to happen.

When I worked until 1am in my restaurant, had to be in at 8am the next day, working weekends, bank holidays and even Christmas day, sometimes seven days a week, on minimum wage and paying tax, rent, bills and everything else on top of that then no I didn’t have too much sympathy with some of these single mothers who are terrible role models, do nothing and are given everything I’m afraid. It is those in well paid jobs who can afford to have sympathy and say they speak for the poor when they have never been poor themselves.

It is wrong to judge someone based on their circumstances and most of the single parents I know are people I really admire for turning their lives around.

However, some girls living in poorer areas are basically told they will earn more money getting pregnant than if they worked. Unintentionally the liberal elite has stripped the values we had in society, meaning guys have also been educated to walk away from their problems.

In poor areas there has been a poor standard of education and ambition, young people either have a choice of working hard, or they take the ‘Everything will get paid for and then some if you have a child” option which due confidence in themselves and the types of role models they have had is the route they go down. They are rewarded for getting pregnant so that’s what they do and it’s a vicious circle.

We need to help them but I think that is down to discipline, they know full well what happens when they have sex without a condom. I know for a fact less people would get pregnant if they were given half of what they get currently- still enough to live on but not able to afford Mcdonalds every day, Sky, Expensive jewellery, Clubbing every week… ...

By Samuel on Sunday June 17, 2012

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