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Lessons learned from the McCartney divorce

The McCartney divorce, finalised in May 2008, threw up a wealth of legal topics for discussion. How important are pre-nups? Should they be legally binding? Should details be made public? And what is the benefit of representing yourself?

Family lawyers Woolley & Co have repeatedly stated that more should be done to take the stigma away from pre-nups. With around 50 per cent of marriages failing, surely it makes sense for clients to protect themselves - especially those with business assets.

In this instance, the judge damningly said he felt the ex-Mrs McCartney's statements were unreliable whereas the former Beatle came across well. This may well have been different had she heeded counsel.

Essentially, Heather went against the advice of her professional advisors. We have all seen it happen and know an individual who has come off worse as a result. This is a perfect case to illustrate the point and one that can perhaps be used as an example to clients in the future - though the amounts involved are unlikely to be as high!


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