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People who lose their job more likely to divorce

A recent study has found that married couples who lose their jobs are more likely to see their relationship end in divorce.

The report found that being unemployed increased the risk of couples splitting up in the following year by 33 per cent when the man loses his job, and by 83 per cent when the woman does.

It concludes that women worry about the state of the family's finances and so relationships will suffer when one of them becomes unemployed.

The Institute for Social and Economic Research at the University of Essex, which published the study, said: "The results suggest that the costs of becoming unemployed are not simply financial. They can also be emotional, as marriages break down and couples split up."

Full details on the study were reported in the Daily Telegraph.

The experience of the Woolley & Co family law lawyers is that any additional pressure on a faltering relationship, especially financial pressure can result in the breakdown of that relationship. Whether caused by redundancy or other factors it is essential to take advice about the financial aspects of divorce so that informed decisions can be made.

You can read more about the financial aspects of divorce and family breakdown in the finances section of this website.


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