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BBC Archers Storyline highlights the rights of unmarried fathers

Archers logo over fields for the article BBC Archers Storyline and Unmarried Fathers Rights

Archers fans may be reeling with the death of Nic Grundy, but there’s another issue that’s been exercising the minds of family lawyers in recent weeks. How are Pip Archer and Toby Fairbrother going to manage as parents? And how much of their legal responsibility they have yet come to…


What rights do fathers have? Fathers access rights UK

What rights do fathers have to see their children?

A common question I get asked during the divorce process from worried dads is: what rights do I have as a father? The first thing to say in response to this is that the law is focused on, and based around, the needs and rights of the children, not those…


Recognising the important role of dads

Recognising the important role that dads play

So often many amazing dads out there are far too humble about their qualities and abilities. We want to give dads – or at least one dad in particular – his time in the spotlight and give people the chance to say thanks for all the good dads out there….


What can we do to fill the Dad Gap?

Report calls for a Fatherhood Champion

A shocking report in 2014 revealed that a teenager sitting their GCSEs is more likely to own a smartphone than live with their father. The Fractured Families report, from the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ), also showed that a million children have no significant contact with their dads. The publication…


Family courts intervene to prevent emotional harm of child

Parental responsibility

I was tempted to entitle this blog Sparkling Cyanide, sadly not a reference to a work by Agatha Christie but in fact a recent case in the family courts which illustrates how the courts become involved when parental ‘responsibility’ isn’t being exercised. The case I am referring to involved the…


Why can’t we co-parent?

Co-parenting after divorce

Co-parenting seems to be one of those latest buzz word that is pretty irrelevant to most couples – until that is they separate or divorce. Once a family is divided, by the fact that the two parents live apart, co-parenting takes on a whole new dimension and create so many…


How to do the right thing for your children in divorce

Divorce Solicitors & Family Lawyers at Woolley & Co

We have spent the last two weeks encouraging people to put Children First in divorce. In a final blog of this dedicated campaign, our lawyers list some of their key advice from years of experience of helping families through separation. Over the last two weeks, we have been signposting a…


What my parents taught me about the right way to divorce

Woolley & Co solicitor Tamara Glanvill gives a very personal view on why parents can do so much to help children through divorce – and beyond – as her mum and dad did. One of the reasons becoming a divorce lawyer appealed to me is because I had the best…


Kids First – supporting families through separation

Kids First – supporting families through separation – is an awareness campaign aimed at encouraging more families going through crisis to put children at the heart of all their decision-making. Today we’re launching a campaign and we want you all to get behind us. It’s called Kids First – supporting…


Children’s holiday arrangements after divorce

Making arrangements to take your children on holiday after a divorce is not always plain sailing, but there are some simple rules to follow to make things easier. School’s out for the summer. If not booked already, then a holiday, either close to home or on a foreign shore, is…


Do I need a lawyer to sort out arrangements for my children?

The family court system is being put under immense pressure by children. Well, when I say children, it is actually their parents increasingly representing themselves in cases connected to divorce and addressing where the offspring will live and when they will have contact with the absent parent. Their lack of…


Research looks at parent’s experiences of relocation disputes

Applications from one divorced parent to move abroad with their children can have a devastating effect on fragile inter-family relations post separation. This may seem obvious but some ongoing research really does give an insight into how difficult it is. We blogged late last year on a study which threw…


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