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National family law solicitors support Good Divorce Week

Monday November 23, 2020 at 10:57 am

Divorce solicitors at Woolley & Co are showing their support for Good Divorce Week 2020 by offering free advice sessions and extensive video content.

Good Divorce Week is an annual campaign that aims to promote practical and constructive ways for separating parents to put the needs of their children first. Organised by Resolution, a community of more than 6,500 family justice professionals, this year the campaign focuses around the benefits of early legal advice, something Woolley & Co has always encouraged.

Resolution members believe the process of separating, sorting out finances and arranging childcare should be done in a way that minimises conflict and keeps the best interests of any children involved at the heart of proceedings.

There is no one size fits all approach to divorce, as every family is different. However, by seeking early professional advice, couples have the benefit of considering a range of options and making a decision that is most suitable to them.

To help in promoting the benefits of early legal advice, during Good Divorce Week, lawyers, mediators and financial advisors across the country will be offering 30-minute free advice sessions to those families who need it.

Speaking about the Good Divorce Week campaign running from 30th November – 4th December 2020, Senior Partner Andrew Woolley said:

“It’s very difficult for couples when they decide to separate, and often there is a significant impact upon children. That’s why I am delighted to support any initiative that promotes a constructive approach to this often emotionally charged matter.

“Our videos and blog provide advice and guidance on how couples can have an amicable divorce, minimise the impact of separation on their children as well as the importance of agreeing a financial settlement.

“Individuals also have an opportunity to fully understand their rights and the options open to them by taking advantage of our initial telephone advice session. This puts anyone in a much better position to separate amicably.”

Woolley & Co family law solicitors have been advising couples on divorce for over 20 years and all are committed to the Resolution Code of Practice.

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